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by ‘The Cabinet Shop at Chris Riggins Construction’

Custom cabinets in Orange County

The cabinet shop at Chris Riggins Construction fuses state-of-the-art technology with timeless woodworking techniques. Our in-house team specializes in designing custom cabinetry to  accentuate your design —and lifestyle.

All of our cabinetry is handcrafted with precision and aim to deliver a quality product that reflects your taste and meets your unique storage requirements. We offer hundreds of finish, color and construction combinations to suit your residential or commercial project. Don’t settle for generic, mass-produced cabinets that diminish your custom build or remodeling design. Our skilled cabinetmakers are experts at creating fully-customized custom cabinetry to meet the exact specifications of your custom build or remodeling project.

custom kitchen cabinets in orange county

What are the benefits of custom built cabinets?

Custom cabinets are a great way to ensure every aspect of your custom home build or remodeling design are personalized to the exact specifications of your custom home build or remodeling project. Below, we’ve detailed some of the ways custom cabinets can add even more life to your design and truly personalize your space.


  • Custom cabinets are designed to the exact specifications of your style, shape, or sizing challenges. Whether you’re looking to add additional storage, eliminate un-useable cabinet space, or breathe new life into an existing, custom cabinets are a great way to improve style and increase function.
  • The client gets to pick the cabinetry materials. Custom cabinets are a great way for homeowners to get involved in their custom home build or home remodeling project, allowing you to select the materials that will be used to craft their custom cabinets, from wood and style, to finish and hardware.
  • Custom cabinets can potentially offer more storage space. Since stock cabinets are crafted as a ‘one size fits all solution’ to fit most kitchens. Custom cabinets, on the other hand, avail homeowners and designers a unique opportunity to eliminate void space that’s often typical of more stock cabinets. Ordering custom cabinetry can also help homeowners create custom fixtures within their existing space, like an easily accessible spice rack or cookware drawer.
  • High-quality craftsmanship.  Generally speaking, custom cabinets typically last significantly longer than stock-built cabinets. Unlike stock cabinets, our custom cabinets are assembled in our local cabinet shop by skilled artisans who oversee every step of construction, from concept to execution.
  • Improved function. Our custom cabinets can be designed to accommodate height issues that simply aren’t available with stock cabinets. Eliminate the need for step stools or excessively hunching over trying to get into hard to reach spaces.