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Home Renovation in Huntington Beach 

Chris Riggins Construction has been providing home remodeling services in Huntington Beach, CA for over a decade. We’ve helped countless clients with everything, ranging from whole home remodeling to kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling projects. Our experienced design-build team works with clients hand-in-hand to ensure clients’ vision for their home renovation project match unique specifications down to the most minute detail. One such example is this Huntington Beach kitchen and dining room remodel in the photo below, which included a built-in wine cooler which makes entertaining guests a breeze, keeping the clients beverages at the perfect temperature!

Huntington Beach kitchen remodel

Chris Riggins Construction is dedicated to providing an exceptional remodeling project for every project we work on in the Huntington Beach community. If you are interested in a new home remodeling project, contact Chris Riggins Construction today for a quote!

“It’s been five years since our first interaction with Chris and we have had him back to work on two additional projects. My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the workmanship, the enduring quality of the work and our overall interaction with Chris and his team. His quotes have not always been the cheapest, but in our experience, he does a much better job of including all of the necessary work and eliminating the dreaded “work order deviation” game that many of his competitors play. If we ever had concerns with anything, he has stood behind his work and made it right which is not a trait shared by many of the contractors I have worked with in the past. We are currently on our third project with Chris and I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a remodel project. My friends that have used Chris for their projects have had similar experiences.”  ~ Paul B.