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Living room remodeling in Orange County

Like any home remodeling project, remodeling your living room is a significant undertaking that requires time, money, and detailed planning. Below, we’ve detailed some of the biggest considerations homeowners take into account before beginning a living room remodeling project in Orange County.

Benefits of Living Room Remodeling

Whether you’re expanding upon your existing space to accommodate a growing family or making updates to age-in-place, a newly remodeled living room is a great way to breathe new life into your existing home. In addition to improving the home’s livability and overall aesthetic, a living room remodeling project is a great opportunity to increase improve your home’s sustainability, lower your maintenance costs and, most importantly, increase your property’s resale value.

How to prepare for a living room remodeling project

Before hiring a remodeling contractor to build the living room of your dreams, you need to prioritize the goals for your remodeling project. You can start by asking yourself some common questions like:

  1. What color palette do I want to choose for my living room remodeling project? Neutral color schemes, like beige, ivory, taupe, black, gray and different shades of white, may be your best option for a living room remodeling project. Neutral colors will always be in-style and allow you to show off your design choices and style.
  2. Where is my living room’s focal point? When you establish a striking focal point for your living room, you can enhance the appearance of the space and draw attention to specific elements you’d like visitors to focus on, like an art piece, a TV, bookshelf or fireplace.
  3. Will adding layers improve the aesthetic? First off, don’t confuse layers with color. You want to create a space that feels, warm, welcoming and personal. What you want to focus on is layering in texture and meaning. For instance, consider adding a rug to make the room seem warmer, or accent lighting to have more control over the ‘mood’ of the room.
  4. What are the best flooring options? Floors play a crucial role in bringing the room together and serve as the foundation for a successful interior design scheme. When considering your flooring options be mindful of potential wear and tear, as well as, the functionality and durability of your desired flooring type.
  5. What furniture options should I choose? When choosing your furniture, you should be mindful of furniture’s power as a conversation piece. Bold furniture pieces that reflect your personal style are great talking points and can also fuel more interaction with your guests. You also need to consider the overall space and mindful of seating options. You want to make sure you’ve
  6. How can I improve the lighting? Your lighting choices will undoubtedly effect the overall aesthetic of the space. As such, you should leave yourself options. By going with a layered lighting scheme, you can the experiment with different lighting types to create comfort and balance.

Living room remodeling experts in Orange County

Our experienced design-build team are experts in all aspects of home remodeling and are well-versed in the latest design trends and popular styles. We work hand-in-hand with our clients on every aspect of the remodeling project down to the smallest detail and ensure all our remodeling projects match clients’ vision exact vision for the space. If you’re ready to get started on your living room remodeling project, please contact us today for a free quote.

View completed home remodeling projects in Orange County

Here’s a picture from a beach-themed home remodeling project in Seal Beach. We decided to go with a beach/nautical theme for this particular design, since  boating and beach culture are such central themes in this particular community.

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