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Spring and summer are often considered the best seasons for home building and home remodeling projects. Now that summer is just about to officially begin, many homeowners are ready to assess, plan, and get moving on renovating and upgrading their homes. However, many times homeowners struggle with deciding which home remodeling projects to tackle and when. Of course, the answer to this question depends greatly on your specific project, needs, goals, budget, and so on. That said, we’ve put together our top 5 recommendations for home remodeling projects to consider starting this summer. Whether you take advantage of one or all of these remodeling ideas, you’ll be well on your way to creating your dream home for all seasons. 

Dining Room leads to Kitchen for Home Remodel

New Kitchen

Since many families enjoy cooking and eating outside in the summer months, it makes sense that this could be the best time to remodel your kitchen, since you won’t feel quite as nervous at the prospect of doing without your current kitchen for a bit. Plus, kitchen remodels are one of the best ways to upgrade your home, both in terms of personal enjoyment and the ROI value of your home.

Powder room for whole home renovation

Upgrade Bathrooms

Like kitchens, upgrading your bathrooms can have a big impact on the overall look, feel, comfort, and value of your home. There’s a lot of options out there, so check out these bathroom remodel projects and photos for some fun inspiration and see if this might be a good project for you this summer.

Dining area for Whole Home Remodeling in Seal Beach

New Fans and Updated Light Fixtures

Installing new fans and light fixtures is not only practical for dealing with the summer heat, it’s also a simple and quick way to freshen up the design, comfort, and value throughout your entire home.

seal beach

New Paint/Wallpaper

Repainting and/or updating wallpaper is another great and relatively easy way to spruce up the overall look and feel of your whole home. It’s also a great summer renovation project since the weather makes opening all your windows for proper ventilation and drying much easier and pleasant than in other seasons.

Windows and Doors

If the colder seasons were particularly harsh on your home or energy bill—or if you’re just tired of the old windows and doors you have now—you may want to repair or replace them this season. Summer is a great time to do this kind of home remodeling project because it won’t be as cumbersome on your comfort level, wallet, or the environment when the doors and windows are off. Plus, it’s another great way to add value to your entire home.

Every situation is different, and there are limitless options to choose from when deciding which home remodeling projects to tackle this summer. Regardless of the area of the house, you can be comfortable knowing Chris Riggins Construction has experience in kitchen remodelingbathroom remodeling,living room remodeling, and whole house renovations projects.

You can also rest assured that, no matter what your specific summer remodel projects and goals are, we’ll put our passion and experience to work for you. But don’t just take our word for it—check out our customer reviews and portfolio of projects to discover why people in Orange County love working with us. Then be sure to contact us to learn more about our design-build services, discuss your specific needs, and get started on your project today!

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