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gray custom kitchen cabinets

While it’s always important to make sure you are maximizing your budget during a home remodeling project, opting for cheaper cabinets may not be the wisest investment.

Since cabinetry is such an important feature of kitchen remodeling projects, it’s important to choose a type of cabinet that will not only improve the aesthetic, but also the function of these spaces. Learn some of the reasons why working with a local cabinet shop may be your best bet when selecting cabinets for your next remodeling project.

Why should I purchase custom cabinets from a local cabinet shop?

Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. While you may be getting a better price by purchasing semi-custom cabinets from a big box store, semi-custom cabinets may not be able to deliver the same level of quality and durability you would receive if you purchased your cabinets from someone who focuses exclusively on building custom cabinets. Additionally, cabinets from a custom cabinet shop are more likely to be built by hand, rather than being mass-produced.

Won’t a big box store have more cabinet styles and options than a local cabinet shop?

Most of the time, a local cabinet shop has a more extensive selection of styles, colors, materials and finishes to choose from. Since a cabinetmaker specializes exclusively in cabinets, their ability to offer you cabinet options that meet the exact specifications of your remodeling project and vision for your remodel will most likely be higher than that of a big box store selling semi-custom cabinets. There’s also the issue of sizing.

Cabinets that you purchase at a big box store usually come in 3” increments, which will force your remodel to adhere to the size of the cabinets, rather than having cabinets meet the size you may have planned for in your remodeling design. Needing to compromise on your cabinetry may ultimately affect your design plan and create a need to use fillers or create additional void space to ensure the cabinets properly fit the space. On the other hand, the cabinets from a custom cabinet shop will be matched to the exact specifications of your design and help you maximize storage space and functionality.

Fully custom cabinets are made from scratch and designed to fit your space and design. If you want something that’s truly unique, you may have a difficult time finding it at a big box store.

Do custom cabinets offer more creative options for my remodeling project?

When you choose custom cabinets over semi-custom cabinets, you have a unique opportunity to add creative elements to fit your unique needs. Say, for instance, you have dinnerware that you’d like to show-off to friends, but are unable to do so with your existing cabinetry. With custom cabinets, you can design a space to address this specific need. You can also incorporate concepts like adjustable shelving, spice racks, or pullouts in your lower cabinets so that you can easily access everything inside. You can also address problematic areas like corners, which are generally unaddressed with semi-custom cabinet units. Other options to consider range from double-stacking silverware drawers, to pantry solutions, and other custom accessories that can help increase the overall function of your kitchen.

In our ongoing effort to provide clients with an unparalleled remodeling experience, the team at Chris Riggins Construction is proud to announce The Cabinet Shop at Chris Riggins Construction. With the addition of our new cabinet shop, our team will now be able to field any millwork requests needed for our clients’ remodeling projects, as well as, provide custom cabinetry solutions for anyone in the market for new custom cabinetry.

Whether you’re looking to update an existing kitchen or bathroom design, remodel your entire home or build a custom home from the ground up, or simply update your existing kitchen cabinets, The Cabinet Shop at Chris Riggins Construction can build the perfect custom cabinets to fit your space. Our custom cabinet makers will work with you on every detail of your custom cabinets, from style and color, to materials and finish, so your cabinets flawlessly match your design and specific needs. Call us today to learn more!