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Our list of 2021’s anticipated trends is split into three categories: home remodeling trends, new home construction trends, and home renovation trends. You may be asking yourself, is there a difference between home remodeling, new home construction and home renovation? The answer is yes! Home renovation entails restoring or repairing existing features of your home — this may include replacing kitchen tile, staining wooden floors or other cosmetic fixes. Home renovation is typically the cheapest route in spicing up your home.

On the other hand, remodeling involves adding or removing features entirely. An example includes adding a shower into your powder room or building a kitchen island. Remodeling is a great option if you’re looking to change the actual floor plan or features of your home.

Lastly, the most expensive option is new home construction. New home construction entails homes in which the person who buys it is the first to occupy it.

Home Remodeling Trends

Do you love your home but feel as though you’ve outgrown parts of it? Do you wish it was more fun? More functional? Connected to the outdoors? If so, remodeling may be a great option for you. We’ve listed several home remodeling trends we’re projecting will skyrocket in 2021. Whether you want to rethink your kitchen island’s potential or transform outdoor areas, this list covers creative ways to elevate your home. Read through to find some inspiration for your spaces!

country hills completed kitchen remodel

  • Indoor-Outdoor living: Transforming spaces to flow easily to the outdoors will be especially popular in 2021. Large floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that double as walls serve to blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Depending on the season, the doors can remain open or closed to redefine your space, unifying it with your backyard area. Your living room can merge with an outdoor seating area to create perfect harmony. Consider installing a roof over the immediate outdoor area so that your indoor-outdoor living set-up is rain and heat friendly.
  • Multifunctional, sprawling kitchen islands: Kitchens are the heart of the home. This undeniable expression rang true throughout the many months Americans spent in quarantine during 2020. To facilitate family game nights, that new sourdough recipe you’re trying out and homework time for kids, sprawling kitchen island remodels are on the rise. Often with multi-leveled spaces and ample storage, large islands elevate the functional aspect and aesthetic value of your kitchen. Namely, sprawling kitchen islands can feature innovative storage solutions and hidden cooking appliances. Be sure to get creative with the materials you use for the island — raw woods, black slate and quartz are especially trendy ways to go.
  • Outdoor kitchens: Looking for ways to make your backyard fun? Look no further than installing an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens make for the perfect backyard barbeque and entertaining space. Complete with a sink and cooking appliances, your backyard will produce fun and good eats for the whole family. If you’re hesitant to splurge on an entire kitchen set-up, building an outdoor barbeque and bar space can seriously step up your backyard’s entertainment value without draining your bank account. Suddenly, your family dinners will become easy and breezy.
  • Decorative hoods: We think kitchen hoods are underrated. Lately, many other people realized this little known fact and began giving their hoods major facelifts. If you start taking your kitchen hood seriously, it can become a striking focal point in your kitchen area. Dress it with copper metals, british-style detailing or industrial materials — the choice is yours! It’s safe to say that the hood deserves a little love.
  • Backyard cottage: 2020 taught us that when it comes to our homes, every inch of space counts. Even more so, no space is off-limits. Mini-homes in backyards are space-savvy features that we see popping up everywhere. Whether designated as a man cave, art studio, guestroom or playhouse, consider constructing a backyard cottage to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless.
  • Reconsidering the open-concept floor plan: Opting for open-concept floor plans was once a no-brainer. Not so much anymore. If your whole family works from home, chances are, that open floor plan you once loved has severely disappointed you. With quarantine and isolation orders leaving the whole family attending multiple Zoom meetings at once, homes require increased privacy and noise cancellation abilities. Instead of spending meetings on mute because of pesky background noise, many are opting for clearly defined, sectioned-off spaces in their homes to ensure productivity and privacy.

New Home Construction Trends

Though a global pandemic may have shut down much of America, construction never stopped. Newly constructed homes have popped up all over the country and many feature innovative designs and features. We’ve compiled a list of new home construction trends we think you need to know about.

New Dining Room for Whole Home Remodeling in Seal Beach

  • Multigenerational homes: 2-in-one homes with spaces for in-laws, renters or AirBnB visitors are on the rise in 2021. These homes feature two separate spaces within the same property. The layout provides homeowners the chance to rake in some revenue through renting out space or supporting extended family while still keeping your privacy. Genius!
  • Environmentally friendly homes: Sustainability is more important than ever. As more citizens concern themselves with global warming and other environmental crises, cutting-edge technology and sustainable home design are taking off. Solar powered homes, rainwater collectors, and gardens are just a few eco-friendly features on the rise. Buyers care about the environment and often look for homes that were built with their concerns in mind. Fortunately, we’re predicting that there will be many sustainable home options in 2021.
  • Smart Homes: As with everything else in our lives, homes are becoming increasingly technology-driven. The term smart home refers to housing that incorporates automated or technology controlled features. A few of these smart home features include AC systems controlled by apps, touchless faucets and smart refrigerators that can build you a grocery list depending on the fridge’s contents. For many, convenient features such as these are becoming a priority in an increasingly virtual world.
  • Swimming pools: 2020 saw a sharp increase in the demand for backyard swimming pools. Going forward in 2021, we expect to see pools become an even bigger trend. I mean, who wouldn’t want to splash around in between work meetings? Consider incorporating vanishing edge pools, built-in fire features and dramatic water features to create your perfect swimming pool.
  • Modern Farmhouse style: Modern farmhouse style homes with black and white accents, exposed brick and timeless architectural details are popping up everywhere. These homes are defined by stark color contrasts while still managing to radiate warmth and coziness. This style is a new home construction trend that we hope will stick around forever! Try incorporating matte black fixtures and textured tiles to achieve this style.
  • Metal features: Metals are a practical, sleek material to use throughout homes. We’re anticipating a boom in metal features, fixtures and accents in 2021. Consider trying rustic, industrial or textured metals, depending on your space. Pro tip: mix and match different metals to achieve a modern, eclectic vibe.

Home Renovation Trends

Out with the old, in with the new! Our list of home renovation trends for 2021 features exciting, innovative ways to spruce up your space. The best part is that for all of these ideas, you can work with what you’ve already got. You don’t need to tear down walls or build new spaces to create your dream home. All you need to do is reimagine the existing ones! We hope our list of home renovation trends will inspire you.

Remodeled living room in San Juan Capistrano

  • Hobby rooms: 2020 forced millions to spend an unprecedented amount of time in their homes. Many realized the brilliance of transforming your home to facilitate hobbies and leisure activities. Alas, the rise of the hobby room! Crafting rooms, indoor golf simulators, movie theaters and yoga studios are just a few of the many creative hobby room options we’ve seen. When it comes to hobby rooms, the possibilities are endless.
  • Elaborate home offices: Working from home is the new normal for many. We don’t think this situation is likely to change in the near future. In fact, many companies are now allowing their employees to work from home indefinitely. Consequently, we believe cozy, decorated home offices are on the rise for 2021. Creating space in the home to focus is essential to success in this “new normal”. Consider repurposing a guest room with Zoom background-worthy features, like paintings or bookshelves. For extra design points, color code the bookshelf. Though, bear in mind, minimalism is key to creating a distraction-free space.
  • Spa-esque bathrooms: Self-care became more popular than ever in 2020. In order to take care of yourself amidst nationwide chaos and uncertainty, a self-care routine has become necessary for survival. For many, these routines include long baths, skin care routines and other bathroom rituals. Your bathrooms can be renovated with spa-like features including steam rooms, clawfoot tubs and mood lighting to seriously elevate your self-care routine. We don’t think you’ll regret upgrading your bathroom to facilitate luxurious relaxation.
  • Large windows: Natural lights boosts happiness and feelings of contentment. Like, actually. It’s science! In 2021, we’re expecting large window installations to skyrocket. Now, more than ever, people look for ways to boost their serotonin. What better way to start than letting in more sunshine? Consider installing skylights, giant windows or sliding glass doors. For a foolproof way to make your home feel happier, start with window renovations to brighten up your space.
  • Organic style: Neutral colors, light, and natural elements characterize organic style. Specifically, rattan furniture and light fixtures are dominating Pinterest boards, influencer feeds and home decor shops. Organic style renovations can create a connection to nature and a cozy, bohemian feeling in any space. Add houseplants, natural materials and light wall colors to achieve this look.
  • Air purifiers and HEPA filters: COVID-19 reminded many about the importance of ensuring you breathe in the cleanest air possible. Now, more than ever, people want their homes to feature top-notch health-oriented features and technology. Install air purifiers and HEPA filters in your space to ensure the air you breathe is healthy and safe.
  • Updated mudroom/entryway: These practical, transitory spaces are on the rise. Adding coat hooks, storage space and a bench to your entryway will spice up your foyer. Not to mention, mudrooms are helpful tools to organize your belongings. These spaces are especially kid-friendly as they store muddy shoes and backpacks.
    Biophilic design: Biophilic design is defined as incorporating natural elements into your home’s design. This could manifest as an indoor plant wall, raw wood materials, stone backsplashes or other nature-inspired features. Biophilic design has been proven to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Turn your home into a peaceful zen retreat!
  • Textured walls: It’s time to replace drab wallpaper and paint colors with textured walls! Whether you choose wood paneling, large tiles or stone, adding textured material to your walls can elevate any space.

We’re looking forward to a new year full of innovative, inspiring home design trends! Though 2020 brought countless hardships and obstacles, it taught us about the importance of designing a home that you love. Homes are more than places to lay your head at night. They are spaces to create memories, fuel your passions, laugh with family and take care of your wellbeing. It’s time we start asking ourselves how we can create spaces that encourage us to lead fulfilling lives. We think this list is a pretty darn good place to start.

If you are interested in pursuing any of the trends we’ve shared, we can help make your visions a reality! Home improvement work is serious business. That’s why you need qualified, experienced professionals like our designers and remodelers on your side. We will work with you step-by-step to create your dream home. Contact Chris Riggins Construction today to get started!