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The Biggest Kitchen Design Remodeling Trends in 2020

As the Coronavirus has confined many people to their homes for months on end, kitchens have increasingly become a source of entertainment and connection. Whether you’re baking banana bread or trying out that new focaccia recipe, now is the time to refresh your kitchen design. Kitchens are the heart of our homes and they deserve a little extra love!

Kitchen Design Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home

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If a full kitchen remodel sounds like too great of a feat, we have a few kitchen design ideas to consider that are relatively inexpensive and simple to execute. We recommended these ideas for those who aren’t ready to commit to a full remodel but are still looking to spice up their homes.

One foolproof way to brighten up your home is by refreshing your backsplash tile. Though all white kitchens had their moment in the spotlight, many designers have seen homeowners taking risks with colorful tile backsplash. Cool tones, specifically shades of blue and deep green, have been especially trendy in 2020. Pro tip: herringbone cool-toned tiles are a great idea. Monochromatic styles are having a moment in the spotlight but we’ve also seen a surge of chic, mismatched tiles. You can incorporate different colors, patterns and textures, just be sure to have a layout nailed down before you splurge on them. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with pops of color!

If you’re looking for another design idea but aren’t ready to rip out your current backsplash, consider looking into statement light fixtures. Oversized pendant lights are very in right now – and for good reason. You can take this trend down a number of different paths: industrial lighting, glass-blown fixtures or wicker-encased lights. Adding a set of hanging lights over your island is a surefire way to make a bold statement and brighten up your space (literally). Additionally, adding lighting won’t take up physical space in your kitchen so if you’re working with a smaller space, this is a great way to take it to the next level.

Another brilliant and simple kitchen design idea is to use open shelving for decor. You can purchase and install sleek shelving without breaking the bank and load them up with antique cookware and other aesthetically pleasing items. To make matters even cheaper, consider going antiquing to find your statement pieces to display. Despite popular belief, we encourage you to mismatch different metals for an eclectic look – we don’t discriminate here. You can also incorporate non-cookware items such as vintage books, family photos and other pieces that speak to you. This design idea will undoubtedly make your kitchen feel more warm and inviting.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas to Revamp your Space

If you’ve decided now is the time to give your kitchen area a full-on facelift, we’ve put together some of the hottest kitchen renovation ideas that you are guaranteed to love.

One of the fastest growing kitchen renovation ideas is incorporating biophilic design to your space. For those who may not be in the loop on this new trend, it is defined as incorporating experiences of the natural world into home design. Not only is this style extremely aesthetically pleasing, it can also have health benefits such as decreasing stress and lowering blood pressure. In order to achieve this relaxing natural environment, we recommend creating a “green wall” – one that has vertical planters and greenery built in. Additionally, homeowners can revamp their lighting systems to align with circadian rhythms; lights will fade throughout the day to create the illusion of actual sunlight patterns. In choosing tiles and other elements for surfaces in your kitchen, draw inspiration from elements of the natural world.

Another kitchen renovation idea that will most definitely be worth your while is to install a sprawling, multi-functional island. For many, kitchen islands are becoming the focal point of design. To maximize your space and create an impressive effect, consider designing an island with loads of countertop space, extensive seating, storage space and hidden appliances built-in. For example, we’ve seen some kitchen islands that incorporate microwaves below sight-level. Not only does this save space, it also ensures your cabinetry can make a statement on its own without having to feature a mismatched appliance. On top of creating a functional space, you can make a bold statement with marble, colorful tile or other materials.

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Finally, a trend we’re seeing more and more by the day: smart kitchens. As the world we live in becomes increasingly woven with technology, kitchens are no exception. There are a whole host of smart kitchen devices that enhance your cooking and eating experiences. These include refrigerators that alert you when certain items are running low, motion detector faucets and incorporated bluetooth systems. You can build your smart kitchen from the ground up, incorporating technology and features that best suit your wants and needs.

If you’re ready to start building the kitchen of your dreams, look no further. Our experienced team of designers and remodelers are well-versed in the latest design trends and time-tested techniques. We work with our clients hand-in-hand to create remodeling projects you will enjoy with your family for many years to come. Contact Chris Riggins Construction today to get started!